Private Sewer Lateral Inspections $ 150.00 Call 805-340-5204
Private Sewer Lateral Inspections $ 150.00Call 805-340-5204

Private Sewer Lateral Inspection $ 150.00

Mandatory private sewer lateral inspections as required by the City of Ventura.



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City Of Ventura Click Here>>>> City Of Ventura Lateral Program

Property Change of Ownership (Point of Sale) 
Effective February 3, 2014, inspections of private sewer laterals will be required prior to the close of escrow at the point of sale of a property.  Property owners that are considering selling are strongly encouraged to have their private sewer laterals inspected by a licensed Plumber prior to the opening of escrow.  Property owners are required to submit the Private Sewer Lateral Inspection Report with a DVD of the video inspection to the City's Building and Safety Division prior to the close of escrow and disclose the results of the inspection to the buyer and all parties to the sale.  If corrective repairs are needed, the buyer and seller may agree on who will pay 
for and be responsible for making the repairs.  The repairs should be generally made within six months of the sale or within the normal building permit timelines.


City Of Ojai  Click Here>>>> Ojai Valley Sanitary District


When did the program go into effect? What if I started the purchase of a property before the effective date?
The program went into effect December 1, 2015. The program is effective for escrows, construction or remodeling permits as of the effective date December 1, 2015.



How does the Ojai Valley Sanitary District’s Private Sewer Lateral Program protect the Ventura River Watershed?
By inspection, testing, and repairing old cracked sewer pipes, we ensure that during storms rainwater does not enter sanitary sewer lines. Too much rainwater can overwhelm the sanitary sewer system and the treatment plant, allowing partially treated wastewater to be released into the river.


What are the problems associated with private sewer laterals?
The majority of the District’s customers connected their properties to the sewer system in the 1960s, most of these properties have never replaced their original PSL. Over time, these pipelines can crack, become disjointed or displaced, and can be subjected to intrusion by tree roots, causing leaks and blockages. Rainwater and groundwater can enter the sanitary sewer system through these sewer lateral defects, potentially overloading the treatment system.


Who is responsible for the PSL and how does the program work?
The property owner is responsible for the entire PSL from their home to the public sewer main (upper and lower lateral). A property owner hires a contractor to assess the lateral condition (typically a video survey of the line), obtain permits from the District, perform required work, and set up the inspection & testing with District staff. When the lateral passes the test, a Compliance Certificate is issued. In a property sale transaction, it is up to the buyer and seller to negotiate responsibility for obtaining the Compliance Certificate.


Where can I go for more information? 

For more information regarding the Ojai Valley Sanitary District’s PSL Program call (805) 646-5548 to talk to the District’s Customer Service Representative, Laurie Johnson, or email

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